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Student Arrival:
Parent Transport
- Temperatures will be taken upon arrival. Students will remain in the car until cleared to come in. 

Bus Transport- Temperatures will be taken as students board the bus

COVID Exposures/Quarantine:
-Vaccinated individuals do NOT have to quarrantine if close contact with COVID positive individual.
​-Unvaccinated individuals will quarantine for 10 days if close contact with a COVID postiive individual. 

If someone in your home is being tested for COVID, or is COVID Positive,  call the Torrant office and keep your student home until it can be determined if quarrantine is necessary. Kate McKinney, our COVID nurse will work with the Jackson County Health Department to determine necessary steps. 

Call Kate McKinney, the JCISD COVID Nurse at Torrant: 517-768-5200


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Website to monitor COVID Activity/Vaccination Status by zip code. Click on image to the left. 

Masks are NOT required, however, some individuals may choose to wear one.  Here are 
10 Face Mask Videos for Kids

Please click on the picture below

Mask Display


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School Year Calendars

(click on the program calendar title to access)

COVID-19 Info

Monthly Curriculum

ULS Topic: Government

ECDD Topic: All About Me

CORE Vocabulary Words


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